interests: arknights, wolves, blood-c, MLP, PKMN, splatoon, marine bio, jellycat plushies, horror movies + manga etc, VNs in general, TLT (the locked tomb series) + others. i have a puppy n 2 cats i talk abt often!

⭐️ it/ it's (preferred) or she/ her only pls ⭐️

"endos"/ plurals / endogenic supporters etc pls DO NOT interact

welcome to my web site
(alt names- mila, nikita)

simple local wolf .... love 2 forage ..nonhuman

alt main twt (now main twt) + vent + mostly untagged but i tag ED related things if ever brought up and abuse

i try not to bring them up most times if possible (i have anorexia type 2) at times i forgot to tag properly due to being in a bad headspace and i'm sorry.. im getting into deleting the tweets after.. open to makin friends all the time!!

if u can please like tweets when u see them i understand if u dnt/ cant and wont sb or be annoyed it helps a lot (i live alone vry isolated if u need context srry)

i repeat myself a bit/ say similar stuff because of autism + amnesia about saying it thank u for listening (temp neocities glitching n erroring the link